Canada or US ?

The Canadian dollar declined in line with the drop in oil prices. The US dollar rose to 1.2500 Canadian dollars from 1.2464 last minute at the end of yesterday. Only event scheduled for 17:00. Today is the index IVEY PMI. The Canadian dollar is under pressure against the dollar because of the growth of the euro against the Canadian dollar, analysts at RBC Capital Market.

SMBs hired labor

SMBs hired labor with a steady, but not spectacular rate, reported by the NFIB. About 14% of employers of small companies increased employment by an average of 2.7 workers for the period from March to May. However, only 12% reported an average reduction of three workers. The shortage of qualified staff is still a problem and 29% of small companies have vacancies for which you can not find the right employees.

China production power in decrease during May

The preliminary value of the index of manufacturing activity in China showed continued weakness in May, despite the comments of economists that government efforts to support the economy have limited the decline. The preliminary PMI of HSBC rose slightly to 49.1 points in May from 48.9 in April final. The result is again below the key level of 50 points separates growth from contraction. It is also worrying decline in the sub-indices of production, which is a 13-month low. Indicators for new orders, export orders and employment also remain weak.

Bank of Japan updating assesment

Bank of Japan is about to update its assessment of economic growth for the first time in the last two years, according to a report in the media yesterday. Government data showed yesterday that the economy expanded at an annual rate of 2.4% in the first quarter, beating forecasts for growth of 1.5%. The central bank meets to discuss monetary policy on Friday and analysts do not expect a change in the program of financial incentives.

No increase in interest rates according to FED

increase interest rates in the US in June look small after disclosure of the minutes of the last meeting of the central bank (FED). According to the summary of the meeting, some members of the Committee on open market operations (FOMC) believe the economy will be strong enough to take such a move after 6 weeks. “Most of the politicians FED do not think it is probably the fundamental data available until June, lead to sufficient evidence that the conditions for increasing the rate satisfactory. Overall, however, this possibility can not be excluded completely, “says the report.

BP to consolidate requests for the Mexincan Gulf spills

By BP Plc have agreed with the service provider for the development of oil fields Halliburton Co. and contractual partner for drilling Transocean Ltd in connection with claims related to the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010, which is considered the worst offshore disaster in US history. By BP can be fined up to 13.7 bln. Dollars. Transocean, the owners of the probe are arranged payment of the obligation 1 billion. Dollars, and to Halliburton has not been sued by the American Law on Clean vodite.t.

Lenovo with slight increase in income

Lenovo Group Ltd, the largest manufacturer of personal computers in the world in terms of sales, announced today that net annual profits rose by 1% to 829 million. Dollars, divergences with analysts’ expectations. The company finalized two major acquisitions during the year, which affected the results. Chinese giant ended in October acquisition of the Division for entry-level servers for IBM to 2.1 billion. Dollars, and also the purchase of Motorola’s 2.9 billion. Dollars. These large transactions have negatively affected financial results for the fiscal year ending March 31st.

Japan production power still grows

Activity in the manufacturing sector in Japan has recovered this month as production and new orders have increased, suggesting an improvement in demand nationally and internationally. The preliminary value of the PMI index for the manufacturing sector in Japan rose to 50.9 points in May from 49.9 points the final in April. The index returned above the critical level of 50 points for the first time in the last two months.

Petrol prices go down again

Oil traded at higher levels today, supported by a significant decline of the forecasts for stocks in the US, but the upward movement is limited by concerns about China’s development and still oversold. July futures rose late yesterday after official data showed that crude oil stocks in the US fell for the third consecutive week, but then fell in Asian session amid reports activity in the Chinese manufacturing sector, which continues to declined for the third consecutive month in May, although at a slower pace. Crude for July delivery was trading around 59.12 dollars per barrel in the last minutes.

McDonalds for new voting

Shareholders of McDonald’s Corp. will vote today a proposal that would make it easier for the nomination of directors by the board members of the company. McDonald’s is at a turning point after the loss of customers and sales decline because of increased competition. At the same time, support among investors for these new rules for the nomination of directors increases. Vanguard Group and BlackRock Inc., owning shares in McDonald’s Corp., publicly supported the new rules.